Free Vitamin D Elisa

This assay is the result of a collaboration between DIAsource ImmunoAssays S.A. and Future Diagnostics Solutions B.V. Future Diagnostics has filed a patent application for this assay and has granted to DIAsource ImmunoAassays its exclusive commercialization.
The Free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA is a competitive ELISA assay, based on patented monoclonal antibodies, that allows for the direct measurement of the free fraction of 25OH Vitamin D in serum. The assay is calibrated against a symmetric dialysis method. It shows excellent sensitivity, precision and performance characteristics, as performed according to the CLSI guidelines.

The assay is unique and exclusively available at DIAsource Immunoassays.

Please see below more details about Assay protocol

Assay protocol :

  • Reagent preparation
  • 10 μL Reconstituted Calibrator, Control or sample
  • Incubate 90′ 37 °C shaking at 650 RPM
  • Wash 3 x 350 μL
  • 100 μL Working dilution Biot-VitD reagent
  • Incubate 30′ 37 °C shaking at 650 RPM
  • Wash 3 x 350 μL
  • 100 μL Streptavidin-HRP reagent
  • 90 μL Sample diluent
  • 100 μL Substrate reagent
  • 15′ room temperature, stationary in dark
  • 100 μL Stop reagent
  • Read at 450 nm
  • Calculate results